Something about me.

My name is Radovan Garabik and I was born.
After that sad event I slowly grew up studying nuclear physics at the Faculty of Mathematics and Physics of the Comenius university in Bratislava. Then I was doing some aircraft model programming, until I ended up working in the Slovak National Corpus of the L. Stur Institute of Linguistics.

As of my hobbies, I like computers, but I do not sit behind them through the whole nights, like some people I will not name. I also enjoy reading a good book [good = good sci-fi (well, fantasy too)], watching satellite TV and last but not least, there is also physics.

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And the final remark:

If you multiply the number of letters of my first name with that of my surname and substract the date when I was born (either day or month), you'll get :

!!! 4 2 !!!